Simple calculator in python

In, This blog we will be creating a simple calculator

Divyendra Rajawat
1 min readJul 2, 2020

Oh sorry I forgotten to give you the link of the idle of python

Simply go to this link and then go to the downloads tab and then download the latest version of the idle that is 3.8.3.

now, coming back to our topic that is the simple calculator.

let’s start

Step — 1 Take the input from the user to enter the first number

num1 = int(input('Enter the first number: '))

Step — 2 Take the input form the user for the second number

num2 = int(input('Enter the second number: '))

Step — 3 Now, print the addition of the numbers

print('The addition of the numbers: ')

as we don’t know the user input I an writing it like num1+num2

Step — 4 Now, print the subtraction, division, multiplication, floor division and floor multiplication together

print("The subtraction of the number: ",num1-num2)
print("The product of the number: ",num1*num2)
print("The quotient of the division of the number: ",num1/num2)
print("The floor division of the number: ",num1//num2)
print("The floor multiplication of the number: ",num1**num2)

and here the blog ends.

I am providing you the open source code from sololearn

In the next blog we will be creating a complex calculator