NEW STORY- Count your blessing

There was a young boy whose shoes was little worn out. He pestered his father every day to buy him a new pair of shoes. His father was a worker in a poor factory and cannot afford buying new and fashionable shoes. One the his father worked till late night and earned some extra wages and bought a new shoes for him and went to home. When the next morning the boy saw his a pair of new shoes he said that from which angle these shoes are fashionable. And left his home in a bad mood. Sat on bus stop. He felt god to be unfair with him by giving him such a poor parents, Just than he saw a boy beggar boy on crutches having no legs after the knees. He was ashamed of his bad behaviour. He was complaining about his shoes while on the other hand the beggar had no leg. The boy thanked the god giving him such a caring parents and legs.

MORAL:- Be happy in what you have today. Don’t think about the things that are your dreams. Enjoy what you have today and be happy


Sometimes I write, sometimes I write well…:)