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Divyendra Rajawat
1 min readJun 15, 2020

Types of operators in python

1. Arithmetic operator are used to perform basic mathematical operators i.e. addition, subtraction, multiplication, division etc.

The arithmetic operators can be further classified as:

Unary operators: These operators operates on only one operand.

Binary operator: These operators operates on two operands.

String operator:

While working with the string values, We may have to perform some operations on string data types of data types. We can either join two stings or replicate a string multiple times. For These two operations, We use ‘+’ operator is termed as the concatenation operator when we use it with string. It is use to concatenate or join two or more string.

‘*’ operator is used to replicate a given string specified times. It is also known as Replication operator.

Assignment operator

Relational operators are used to show the relationship between operator compare the value of the variables and determine the result of the Boolean expression, which is either ‘True’ ‘False’. python provides six types of relational operators

Logical/Boolean operator

The Logical or Boolean operators evaluate to one of the two states, either True or False. We use these operators to make comparisons. They are mainly three types of Boolean operators i.e. AND, OR, and NOT.

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